TPMS by Impaqed Products: monitoring & managing your tyre pressure

Commercial vehicles are increasingly applying TPMS for trucks. Impaqed Products has been a professional advocate and ambassador of TPMS for many years. The advantages of correct tyre pressure? Numerous! We would like to list the four most convincing advantages for you.

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Increasing driver safety.
  • Longer tyre life due to less wear and tear.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and increased deployability.

A flat tyre: loss of a lot of time and therefore money 

Most companies have a time slot for delivery. Unfortunately, we see countless examples of trucks stranded aside the road due to a puncture or blowout. Your disadvantage? Loss of a lot of time and therefore money. Therefore: prevention is better than cure.

No business can afford a blowout

A jammed brake or bearing is something you would rather see as early as possible. Of course, your drivers don’t check the tyres, brakes or bearings of their commercial vehicles every day. Yet it is wise to be aware of tyre, bearing and brake condition 24/7. After all, a flat tyre can lead to a blow-out. This puts both yourself and others in danger. Our advice? Monitor your tyre pressure. Your safe gain? Never again an unexpected stoppage or an undetected brake or bearing failure.

Several possibilities for monitoring 

TPMS of Impaqed Products offers you multiple possibilities for monitoring your tyre pressure. Our systems are available as: stand-alone and DIN connection.

Check your tyre pressure 24/7? No problem!

Our vision is clear: “we adapt to the customer, not the customer to us”. This is why we developed a new generation of telematics receivers. A technical link via CAN-bus or RS-232 allows you to effortlessly connect your TPMS to your telematics. You automatically monitor your tyre pressure 24/7. You can also use telematics to make the most diverse trend analyses and profit from predictive maintenance. Do you want to change trailers? No problem at all. We achieve this with our smart booster.

From our vision of maximum flexibility, we offer various types of sensors. In short, there is always a perfectly fitting solution for you or your company. All sensors can be found here! You are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have regarded TPMS for trucks.