Tyre pressure quite rightly is a ‘hot topic’ nowadays. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure at all times has many advantages, it saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions, reduces tyre wear and increases road safety. Everybody knows that… but, how many people actually check their tyre pressure at least once every two or three weeks? Do you? That’s why there are so many campaigns to build awareness of the importance of tyre pressure, aimed at individual owners, professional drivers and fleet owners.




For all trucks tyre pressure is vitally important. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure at all times has a major impact on fuel consumption, road safety, emissions and operational cost. That is why Impaqed Products offers state-of-the-art TPMS systems for trucks. In fact; for all trucks. TPMS products >

For vehicles like busses and touringcars that are professionally used around the clock, that manouver, brake and accelerate all the time, maintaining the correct tyre pressure is vitally important. The correct tyre pressure has a huge impact on safety, operational cost, reliability and fuel consumption. TPMS products >

Our OTR sensors are specially designed for Earth Moving machines working in OTR conditions. The OTR Sensors fit the large bore OTR valves and can be used in combination with either our special OTR Monitor or any of our truck monitors, including the ones with data connectivity. TPMS products >

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