For your Impaqed Products Truck TPMS system several add-ons, parts and accessories are available:

  • 10.01.040. Sensor. For expanding your truck system, or for replacement.
  • 10.01.047. Valve extender. For easy and correct placement of the sensor on the inner twinned-wheel. It is essential not to use a simple plastic valve extender, but either this type of brass/metal valve extender or a reinforced rubber version, fixed with a clamp on the outer twinned-wheel.
  • 10.01.048. T-adapter. The stainless steel T-adapter is an optional extra, which makes inflating your tyres easy, as the sensor can stay in place.
  • 10.01.041. External antenna. For all our types of Truck TPMS systems, an external antenna must be used, this will ensure the optimal signal strength for the transmission of the sensor data.