Telematics is mainly about communication with remote objects. Such as vehicles, machines, computers, buildings and more. A telecommunications network sends object-specific information to a central system. Data is then translated into usable information. In the cloud or on a central server. Telematics is increasingly becoming a permanent factor in commercial vehicles these days.

Five main advantages of telematics:

  • More efficient fleet management.
  • Cost savings.
  • Improved safety of the driver and the vehicle.
  • Fleet managers see exactly where their vehicles are with telematics. 
  • TPMS links up effortlessly with every type of telematics system.

Planning preventive maintenance

With a TPMS connected to telematics, you monitor the temperature and pressure of your tyres. This takes place 24/7, at any moment of the day. The ideal input for trend analyses. This allows you to analyse trends in the decrease or increase in pressure or temperature in the vehicle’s tyres. Ideal for planning your preventive maintenance. 

Link with existing telematics brands effortlessly

We are 100% brand independent. So Impaqed Products links up effortlessly with existing telematics brands. Please don’t hesitate to join forces with the telematics provider you already work with, or would like to work with. All we do is link our receivers to your telematics system. So, with us, you do not need to take out a new subscription because we link to the system you are already working with. 

Adjustments are no problem

Technically, we can connect to any on-board computer. For this we use the standard protocols CAN-bus (J1939) and RS-232. And, if you wish, also Bluetooth. Are there any adjustments necessary? We arrange this in consultation.

Available for all vehicles

Our TPMS telematics receivers are available for all vehicles in which telematics is installed. Our TPMS telematics receivers are also compatible with all our sensors.

More information about truck telematics coupling?

For more information on our system specifically for trucks, please click here.

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