You are looking at the only TPMS on the market specially developed for EcoKombi’s and Road Trains.

For all trucks, tyre pressure is very important. Even more so for the 25 meter combinations – EcoKombi’s, Road Trains or LZV’s – now that they are becoming more and more popular in several European countries.

Because of the effects on fuel consumption, cost savings, road safety and reliability, it is important to constantly monitor the tyre pressure.

 This unique and innovative TPMS system is capable to monitor an impressive total of max. 180 wheels, and 8 trailers!

We are ready for the future, ready for more efficiency, cost savings and a better environment.


  • Specially developed for  Road Trains / LZV’s / EcoCombi’s
  • Increases road safety
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Improves tyre life
  • Supports Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Real-time monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature on all wheels

Product information

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System specifically designed for extra long combinations, with multiple trailers
  • This TPMS can monitor a maximum of 8 trailers, and in total max. 180 tyres
  • Every trailer in the ‘chain’ gets its own Smart Booster, with its own Trailer Identification
  • Easy installation
  • LCD-monitor shows tyre pressure and temperature
  • Muti-level automatic warnings (alarms) in case of abnormal tyre pressure, or high temperature.
  • Automatic transfer of the tyre pressure and temperature data from the wheel sensors to the LCD-monitor

As there are many different configurations possible, this unique system will be tailored to fit your specific ‘XXL’ truck combination, using the following components:

  • Monitor nr 10.01.210
  • Smart Booster 10.01.221
  • Wheel sensor 10.01.040
  • Hand tool 10.01.130 (for programming the Smart Boosters)

Please contact Impaqed Products for more detailed information on this unique TPMS solution.