For all trucks, tyre pressure is vitally important. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure at all times has a major impact on fuel consumption, road safety, emissions and operational cost. That is why Impaqed Products offers state-of-the-art TPMS systems for trucks. In fact; for all trucks. This stand-alone system, with its modern design, is programmable, expandable up to 38 wheels, and offers a lot of flexibility as it allows you to freely change truck-trailer combinations without any re-programming. Thanks to the use of an intelligent Smart Booster.


  • Ideal for every truck 
  • Increase road safety 
  • Reduces fuel consumption 
  • Improves tyre life 
  • Real-time information on tyre pressure and temperature
  • Supports Corporate Social Responsibility

Product information

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System specifically developed for Trucks 
  • Easy DIY installation 
  • LCD-monitor shows tyre pressure and temperature of the truck and (with a Smart Booster) the trailer 
  • Automatic warning in case of abnormal tyre pressure or temperature, deviating from the set standard pressure
  • Multiple alarm levels 
  • Automatic transmission of the sensor data to the LCD-monitor 
  • Memory for the last 10 alarms

Technical specifications


  • Pressure range: 0 ~ 13bar
  • Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +125°C 
  • Mid-frequency: 434.1 MHz
  • Dimensions: Ø 33,0 mm x 29,0 mm 
  • Transmitting power: 0 dBm
  • Mesuring accuracy: ± 0,15 bar 
  • Battery life: ± 5 years
  • Safety lock


  • Adjustable back-lit LCD display
  • Mid-frequency: 434.1 MHz
  • receiving sensitivity: -105 dBm
  • Operating temperature: -30°C ~ +75°C 
  • Dimensions: 104 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm 
  • Input voltage: 12V or 24V