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Impaqed Products BV in Twello – near Apeldoorn in the Netherlands – is your supplier of a range of automotive products. Over the past years we’ve developed into the specialist in the field of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

Our range of TPMS systems includes tailor made versions for ‘anything’ with wheels, ranging from 2 wheels to a maximum of 180. For motorbikes, cars, with or without trailer/caravan, busses, trucks, OTR and Port Machines and even road trains.

More and more we sell professional truck systems connected to a board computer, Track&Trace system or some other form of vehicle telematics. We offer the unique capability to connect via RS-232 as well as CAN Bus. For cars we offer Smartphone versions that connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. Ideal for you iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Literally all of our systems are so attractively priced that the earn-back time is well within one year. Impaqed Products sell this range of TPMS mainly through our partners, tire specialists and fitters, telematics specialists, Vehicle OEM’s and even some specialised catalogue companies.

Impaqed Products

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