Impaqed Products has become the preferred supplier of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for a growing number of vehicle manufacturers. Often these OEMs produce special commercial vehicles, such as fire engines, container cranes or equipment for the mining industry. However, these OEMs do not need a generic ‘one size fits all’ solution for their TPMS. Their customers are increasingly asking these vehicle manufacturers to install Impaqed Products’ specific and high quality TPMS. In this area of specialist and non-generic challenges, Impaqed Products completes its track record with customized deliveries throughout the EU every day.  No matter how special or different your requirements are: we look forward to your challenge!

TPMS from Impaqed Products for technologically complex or abnormal transport situations

The two biggest USPs of our TPMS for vehicle manufacturers? Our extraordinary flexibility with tailor-made systems and attractive pricing in relation to the quality and durability offered. Especially in technologically complex or deviant transport situations, the TPMS of Impaqed Products proves its effectiveness. Such as a different number of wheels or multiple trailers behind a tractor. Optimal tailor-made solutions with our systems are our norm – from single items to large series. We make a thorough inventory of every specific customer requirement. Is it feasible? Then we deliver the required customization. 

Tailor-made TPMS systems

Impaqed Products sees the market of vehicle manufacturers in a broad sense. We supply TPMS systems made to measure, in any quantity and for the most diverse variants. Starting of course for tractors with fixed or changing trailers. We are also the only supplier of a system specifically for LHV combinations or Road Trains. We also supply TPMS solutions for low-bed trailers, heavy-duty trailers and telescopic trailers. We also supply vehicle manufacturers quickly, punctually and accurately with TPMS for their container cranes, coaches, buses for city and regional transport, reach stackers for the port, earthmoving and mining machines.

Multiple sensors in one system

One of the many examples of our flexibility? Take our sensors; here we offer a choice of six sensors. Impaqed Products is a specialist, has a versatile assortment and can offer multiple sensors within one system. With this, we also serve customers who even use multiple sensors in one and the same tractor or trailer. Elsewhere in the market, this choice is almost always limited to one standard sensor.

TPMS systems: robust, compact and compatible

Our TPMS systems are robust, at the same time compact and easy to mount, they always work and are also compatible with all on-board computers and telematics systems. Our failure rate? Negligible. This exceptional reliability fits in seamlessly with the same reliability that the market demands of the special equipment in which vehicle manufacturers install our TPMS systems. And if, in an exceptional situation, a sensor no longer works? A new sensor is delivered to the dealer in next to no time. Programming the monitoring is a standard procedure, the driver screws the new sensor onto the valve and the vehicle can be on route immediately. In short, minimal downtime thanks to the prompt response of Impaqed Products.

Turnkey solutions for TPMS systems

A major advantage of our flexibility in customization? The building up of a large and varied range of customized solutions for customers who could not find an answer to their question elsewhere. The knowledge that we specifically acquired for this is therefor available for application in the products for other clients. Or to put it another way: even if your new specifications are so unique and deviating, we almost always have a ready-made solution for them. In short, the advantage of permanent customization in the interest of all clients. 

Quality at a remarkably competitive price

A major additional advantage of our years of successful TPMS innovations for customers is that this enables us to keep our prices attractively competitive. Our short lines of communication with suppliers and compact organization with enthusiastic and efficient professionals also contribute to our competitive pricing. And should your specific wish exceed all the previous wishes of other clients? In that case, too, you will receive the innovation that fits your specific project 100%: tested and proven in the daily practice of demanding vehicle manufacturers.

 Clear example of the innovative flexibility of Impaqed Products 

An example of our customization is the specific application of our TPMS system in the demanding market of cranes and aerial work platforms;

“The computer system in a tractor works with the standard J1939 protocol. Unfortunately, this is limited to ten Bar, and for example for a telescopic crane not sufficient. So Impaqed Products designed and produced multiple CAN-bus capable receivers for our TPMS system. “

For the crane manufacturer in question, we make a monitor with its own CAN-bus protocol that can be integrated directly into their on-board computer. Without this CAN-bus protocol being limited to 10 bar. In short, your firmware on an existing receiver, specially developed for the crane manufacturer in question. This tailor-made approach gives Impaqed Products a unique position in the TPMS market, where elsewhere it is often true: One size fits all.

Effortless communication with all common automation protocols 

Our systems communicate effortlessly with all common automation protocols, from CAN-bus to RS232 and optionally Bluetooth. This paves the way to connect our TPMS system to every computer a fleet owner can think of, from an on-board computer to advanced telematics. In short, the data generated by our system can be shared with any system imaginable. Recently, at the request of our clients, we also introduced receivers without a screen in the cabin of the truck; these only connect to a computer. Impaqed Products does not only follow developments closely; we develop far ahead of the troops.

Central data, direct analysis

Of course, Impaqed Products still sells stand-alone systems, but more and more often our systems are linked to an on-board computer or a telematics system. This is the future! The big advantage? The fleet manager receives the registered data from all the vehicles in the fleet centrally, wherever the vehicle may be at that moment.  This data can be analysed immediately and thus forms important input for actions, (preventive) maintenance and even possible policy choices for fleet owners.

Each sensor has a unique 12-digit sensor ID

Each sensor we supply is unique with a 12-digit sensor ID. This is set for a specific wheel with the associated (standard) tyre pressure. The sensor transmits the sensor ID, wheel position, tyre pressure and temperature to the monitor, or if you have connected the system to a telematics system or on-board computer, to the fleet owner. Is there also a trailer with Smart Booster behind the tractor? Then the fleet owner also receives the trailer ID in the data set. This is done via a smart booster in which the trailer number is programmed. Do you hitch up the trailer? Then the Smart Booster sends a handshake to the receiver and in this handshake it gives its identity to the receiver. This is immediately included in the data set that is sent to the on-board computer or telematics. 

Unique link: central access to all raw data

However, Impaqed Products now also offers an alternative line where you do not program anything.   All data, sensor ID, pressure, temperature and fast-leak alarms are sent to your receiver and then to the central database, but expressly without weighing. The advantage? You can then monitor, analyse and interpret all the standard values associated with a specific wheel position in your database itself, via your sensor IDs. Any alarms are thus signalled in the fleet owner’s computer. These raw data can also be used to make excellent trend analyses. In this way, the fleet owner accurately adjusts preventive maintenance to the actual detected reality: on the road! Impaqed Products provides fleet owners with a useful tool to keep their vehicles on the road with maximum safety and to plan their maintenance as efficiently as possible.

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