The new EU Global Safety Regulation contains a striking change compared to the previous version. As of July 2022, it will also be compulsory for trailers to be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system, the so-called TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems). This mandatory introduction for trailers will start in the summer of 2022 and will be completed in stages in 2024. 

The limitation of standard TPMS 

Most tractors come with a standard TPMS ex-factory. However, the trailer manufacturers have to connect their TPMS to this. Unfortunately, standard systems for trailer producers hardly offer any flexibility in terms of connections and types of sensors.

From protocol to tailor-made version

Many transport companies have tractors and trailers of various makes in their fleet with different systems for TPMS. Of course, in theory there is a standard protocol for this: ISO 11992, but unfortunately many vehicle manufacturers have their own ea of what standard means. Naturally, transporters and trailer rental companies want a system for TPMS that works on all their tractors, and preferably also with all types of trailers that can be connected. 
Some standard systems in those cases often have too many limitations, in number of wheels, in type of sensors, in ease of programming or expansion. And in compatibility. Impaqed Products often already has the solution on the shelf, or can develop it together with you. 

Streamlining systems with TPMS solutions

Here too Impaqed Products can play a literal linking role and streamline the systems with our solutions for TPMS. For example, by adapting the firmware so it can communicate with the CAN bus of a specific tractor. If a trailer or tractor manufacturer tells us which protocol they want to use, we can make a tailor-made version for them. In fact, we are increasingly seeing fleet owners remove the standard factory fitted TPMS and fit both their tractors and trailers with Impaqed Products’ systems all at once. 

From July 2022, a TPMS will be mandatory for semi-trailers and trailers. 

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Specialist sensors for every conceivable application

In the field of TPMS Impaqed Products offers all the flexibility customers may require up to and including specialist sensors for every conceivable application. The free choice from a variety of sensors is also relevant for the diverse clients of Impaqed Products. A tractor with trailer on a construction site has entirely different requirements than a heavy-duty excavator in the mining industry.

Direct connection with telematics on rental trailers 

In addition, an important target group of Impaqed Products is companies that only work with trailers. For example, the large trailer rental companies with thousands of trailers in their fleet. For them, it is impossible to know in detail, let alone to keep track, of which type of TPMS has been installed in which tractor unit on which a trailer is hitched. In addition, the drivers of these tractors usually have a minimal quality and safety involvement with the tyres on the rental trailers behind their tractor. These companies are increasingly installing telematics on trailers, separate from the tractors, and the TPMS of Impaqed Products can also be connected to this effortlessly.

  Furthermore, strong for starters with TPMS introduction

Impaqed Products also supports producers of trailers and semi-trailers who are at the start of the implementation of TPMS. We kindly invite these trailer manufacturers to have an exploratory discussion with us.

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